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The Pinnacle Pro is the newest vaporizer from Vapor Blunt’s portable line up. The unit has the ability to vaporize dry herbs, waxes and oils alike, so you’ll always be prepared no matter what the material.

With dimensions of about 5 inches tall and an inch wide, the Pinnacle Pro is one of the smallest vaporizers available. Its sleek, strong and durable build allows you to comfortably carry this portable vape in your pocket.

Just a few pushes of the units only button, your moments away from enjoying smooth vapor from your Pinnacle. From powering on to reaching the desired temperature is around 1-2 minutes.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying many of the top vaporizers, and the Pinnacle Pro is by far the smallest and easiest to use. Vapor Blunt’s Pinnacle Pro is also among the most versatile and efficient vapes.

What you get when you buy the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer

  • Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer
  • Chamber Cap
  • PonG Adapter
  • 2 Dry Herb Filling Chambers
  • Wax/Oil Filling Chamber
  • Charger
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Wire Pipe Cleaner
  • Bamboo Cleaning Stick
  • Standard Mouthpiece
  • Quick Start Guide

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Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

The Pinnacle is back and its jacked! No longer a one trick pony the newly Pinnacle Pro does it all, vaporizing oils and waxes as well as herbs. Its new and improved features mixed with its easy to use design is making it a portable vaporizer that is very hard to compete with.

When I received my Pinnacle Pro it was easy to see from the beginning that it was designed for portability being about the size of a large marker. I was extremely pleased with its slim design as it could easily be placed in your pocket or any travel bag.

I was eager to get started so immediately whipped out the quick start guide and began reading. As common with most new electronic devices, your going to need to fully charge your Pinnacle Pro upon receiving it. When you plug in the Pinnacle Pro with the provided power supply, the five LED lights will flash blue until it is fully charged leaving you with five solid blue lights. A full charge approximately takes 3 hours from an empty battery and provides a little less than an hour of continuous use.

Thankfully, for the impatient vaper, the Pinnacle Pro can be used while plugged in and charging. I ground my dry herbs (I did all my grinding with the free grinder that came with my Pinnacle Pro!) and loaded them into the basket with the mesh screen bottom, aka the flower bullet, placed it in the heating chamber and pressed the button to turn it on.

From the time I hit the power button till it was time to vape was around a minute or two.  When vaporizing the herbs I started out on the second heat setting but the flavor wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Upon moving up to the third heat setting I received a satisfying, flavorful, cool vapor.

The amount I used, a little under a half gram, provided me with around 25 pulls which was more than plenty for myself and a couple friends. You can tell when your herbs have been fully vaporized when the taste becomes a bit bitter and the herbs lose all their original color. To power down the unit, hold the power button down for about 2 seconds and the lights will turn off.

When done vaporizing be sure to give the unit plenty of time to cool down. At such high temperatures the chamber cap is warm to the the touch and the flower bullet or full metal jacket is extremely hot. It was nice to find out that the Pinnacle Pro has a safety feature that automatically turns off the unit after 8 minutes of vaporizing to avoid over heating or any damage.

The Pinnacle Pro’s LED display is completely user friendly and alerts the operator of all functions. When the unit has a low battery it will flash blue alternating with the color of the selected heat setting. This indicates to the operator that the unit needs to be charged and that it will shutdown regardless if the battery fully runs out or not.

The Pinnacle Pro package includes everything you need to clean the unit and keep a healthy and fully functioning vaporizer. To begin cleaning, remove either the flower bullet or full metal jacket from the chamber. Next, either use the provided brush, utility tool, or pipe cleaner to remove any left behind material in or around the chamber. To clean the flower bullet or FMJ use hot water or rubbing alcohol.  Be sure to completely rinse off any alcohol and allow either loading vessel to fully dry before placing them back in the chamber. Any moisture will damage the heating element, as before mentioned.

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How To Use The Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer With Dry Herbs

When you’re ready to vaporize herbs, you want to start by finely grinding them and then removing the chamber cap and flower bullet inside the chamber. Load the ground herb into the flower bullet but be careful not to over load so air can flow through it and vaporize properly. Slide the flower bullet back into the chamber and replace the chamber cap back on with the mouth piece attached.

Next turn on the Pinnacle Pro by pressing the power button. The battery level will first be indicated by the flashing blue lights and then the unit will start heating up. Pressing the power button from this point on will cycle through the desired temperature selections. Once you select your temperature, the lights will begin to flash as it heats up to vaporization temperatures. When the lights become solid, wait 10 seconds and your ready to enjoy smooth vapor.

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How To Use The Pinnacle Pro With Waxes Oils and Concentrates

To vaporize oils or waxes remove the flower bullet as it has a screen bottom and any wax or oil that would potentially drip down in the unit would damage the heating element. The provided full metal jacket is completely solid and used only for oils and waxes.

Unlike the herb process, you’re going to want to load the FMJ empty and select either the 445° setting (number 4) or the 470° setting (number 5) to begin. Once it has reached the correct temperature and all four or five lights are solid is when you load your oil. After you load your material replace the chamber cap and proceed as you would with herbs and enjoy the smooth vapor.

It should be noted that when vaporizing waxes and oils you want to keep the unit upright as much as possible. This can most effectively be done by using the provided stand. Because oils and waxes are vaporized at such a high temperature Vapor BLUNT recommends attaching the Micro Shower Water Tool that attaches to the included 14mm PonG Adapter. (Micro Shower Water Tool sold separately.)

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Pinnacle Pro Coupon Code

Vapor BLUNT’s Pinnacle Pro is the new upgraded version of their original Pinnacle portable vaporizer. With virtually the same dimensions, coming in at 5 inches tall and less then an inch wide, The Pinnacle Pro is still one of the smallest controlled temperature vaporizers on the market.

The new version of the herbal vaporizer welcomes the new feature of also vaporizing waxes and oils with five different heat settings compared to it predecessor’s two. With temperatures ranging from 370 degrees to 470 degrees, ascending in increments of 25, you’re sure to find the perfect taste for you.

When vaporizing, to avoid confusion of selecting an unwanted temperature, each setting is represented by a color and number of LED lights on a five bar panel. One white light is 370° , two turquoise lights is 395°, three green lights is 420°, and the waxes and oils temperatures are represented by four orange lights for 445°  and five purple lights for 470°.

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